This is the subject a large chunk of men struggles with. There are times every man asks themselves, maybe I am not good enough? Perhaps I am not big enough? Maybe I am not good in bed? With the increasing adult industry, more time spent watching pornography makes you feel like 10 years old; seeing all those big, perfect sizes that are portrayed makes you wonder, is it true, or am I the only one? A survey in 2005 found nearly half of Americans think they are “too small”; meanwhile, 85 percent of women acknowledge being satisfied with their partners sexually. Most men have such a great deal of concern about it even though their partners are reportedly satisfied. To fight such insecurities, men tend to look for ways to cope up with social embarrassment. Still, all those ads and social media content do not always sell authenticity. You don’t want to risk having erectile dysfunction, do you? If you don’t want to go through the struggle of finding a legit way, you have come to the right place. This article is going to review some of the best penis extenders in the market, tested and approved.

1- The quick extender pro

Working principle: This product uses the traction method, basic science to stretch the penis gradually over time.
Success rate: 93%
Guarantee: 6 months money-back guarantee
Tension: up to 4000g
Packaging: Delivered discreetly
Benefits: Most comfortable of all stretcher, durable, requiring zero maintenance, producing results quickly and safely.

How to use it?

The quick extender pro employs DSS (double strap system). This most effective support system allows you to firmly secure it to the shaft of the penis without the risk of slippage. This product comes with a user guide, providing all the instructions, adjustable according to any size and girth of the penis.
The Quick Extender Pro is an actual pro at making you feel satisfied with the purchase. The quick results shown by Quick Extender Pro are reasonably quick in comparison with the other extenders. This lightweight device does not produce pain or tenderness and is completely comfortable to wear. Thus if you are looking for a versatile penis stretcher, Quick Extender Pro might be your pick of the day.

2- SizeGenetics

Working principle: Like The quick extender pro, it creates a constant pull on the penis, stretching the organ to the new length.
Success rate: 85%
Guarantee: 120 days money-back guarantee
Tension: up to 2800g
Packaging: Delivered discreetly without information of the product written on the box. The inside is a high-quality leather case and a locking key for additional privacy.
Benefits: FDA approved, it is officially used in German clinics in treating Peyronie’s disease and other such conditions.

How to use it?

SizeGenetics can be worn as much and as often as one prefers. Still, it is recommended to start slowly for few hours in the beginning and then increasing the wear time for long-term usage, and permanent results are acquired gradually.
First, all the parts are set into one device and adjusted according to the length you require; for setting all parts together, a written guide and instructional CD manual are also provided.

3- Phallosan forte

Working principle: In simple words, a Phallosan forte is a vacuum device, which produces a negative pressure and thus sucks the organ in the tube, which results in stretching and subsequent increase in length like other stretcher.
Success rate: 91%
Guarantee: 14 days money back-guarantee
Tension: upto 3000g
Packaging: Delivered without any knowledge of what’s inside, when opening a box every part is covered in a sheet for hygienic purposes.
Benefits: ISO, CCC, and CE approved, proved to treat penis curvature and micropenises.

How to use it?

Phallosan forte utilizes a micro vacuum pump comprised of a secured tube over the tip of the penis. Before fitting the device to the organ, a protector cap is applied to the penis, which safeguards the skin of the penis from entangling into the device, thus conserving you from pain or any harm. For support and holding, the device and penis at one position straps are tightened around the waist. Phallosan forte comes with a detailed written manual and DVD to provide you proper instructions; after all, the penis is the most important organ of all.

When buying penis extenders, always look for FDA, ISO, CE, or such international certifications, as offered in the stretcher mentioned above. If it is your first time, prefer an extender with a money-back guarantee. In this way, you won’t have any doubts.
Suppose you suffer from any disorder such as incurvate penis, Peyronie’s disease, or erectile dysfunction. In that case, it is best to consult your doctor before you do anything that might bring harm to your organ.