How To Guaranteed Pass A Hair Drug Test

Have you been invited to a job interview, but you are worried that you may fail a drug test? Do you have an interview for an opportunity line up your way, but a hair drug test is the only stumbling block for you? If you answered yes to any of the questions, please, it’s time to stop fretting, thanks to this trailblazing post on how to guaranteed pass a hair drug test. It talks about how to use certain products to pass a hair drug test.


It doesn’t matter whether you smoked marijuana yesterday or sniffed meth last weekend. This post together with the products it describes below will help you pass that upcoming drug test with flying colors. However, you must make sure to follow the instructions correctly. Don’t forget that a hair drug test will detect if you used a drug up to 90 days ago.

So, are you ready to learn how to how to guaranteed pass a hair drug test? Let’s begin then:

To pass a hair drug test, you will need to work with three different products namely:

• Old Style Toxin Rid shampoo
• Zyndot Ultra Clean shampoo (indluded in the Toxin Rid Kit)
• Hair Confirm hair drug test kit or Hair Confirm Express hair drug test kit

The first thing you’ll need to do is to test yourself for drugs at home, using one of the third products above i.e the Hair Confirm hair drug test kit or the Hair Confirm Express hair drug test kit. Don’t worry, we’ll go to that in a bit.

Once you confirm the presence of drug toxins in your hair, the next step will be to detox your hair using the Old Style Toxin Rid shampoo together with the Zyndot Ultra Clean shampoo as a compliment.

The Toxin Rid shampoo comes in an 8 oz. bottle with about 5 oz. of shampoo. You must use this shampoo within 3 to 10 days before your interview. You must use it until the eve of your actual hair drug test. Then, you must use the one-time-application Zyndot Ultra Clean shampoo on the morning of your test day.

The Toxin Rid shampoo is very easy to use. All you have to do is to go to the bathroom and turn the shower on. After that, rinse your hair a little bit and then squirt a little amount of shampoo into your palm. Next, apply the shampoo to your hair and massage your hair gently, making sure the shampoo reaches your scalp. N/B: the scalp is where most impurities found in the hair, including drug residue, can be found. Finally, let the lather sit in your hair for about 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing your hair with running water. That’s basically how to use the Old Style Toxin Rid shampoo. It’s super easy. Isn’t it?

But what if I have less than three days to rid my hair of drug impurities? Well, this shampoo can still work wonders for your hair, even if you’ve got only 24 hours to prepare for a drug test. In that case, you may want to exhaust it within that timeline by washing your hair with it as many times as possible.

1. Old Style Toxin Rid Shampoo Overview, Effectiveness and Ease Of Use

The Old Style Toxin Rid shampoo can be an excellent way to rid your body of drugs so that you would pass a hair drug test. In fact, this shampoo is arguably the best and the most reliable option, thanks to its qualities.

It is manufactured and distributed by two different companies called Nexxus and Test Clear Drug Testing Advisors, respectively. Matter of fact, this hair detoxification formula gets rid of all toxins that may be present in hair and on the scalp as opposed to drugs alone.

This hair cleaning solution is made of a wide range of ingredients both natural and synthetic. These ingredients include, but are not limited to the following:

Aloe vera.
• Aloe barbadensis leaf juice.
• Avocado oil.
• Soybean oil.
• Biotin( vitamin B₇/ vitamin B₈ /vitamin H).
• Cocamide DEA.
• Cocamide MEA.
• Thioctic acid.
• Hydrolyzed wheat proteins.
• Sodium lauryl sulfate.
• deionized water.
• Sodium chloride.
• Propylene glycol.
• Sodium Laureth sulfate.
• Disodium EDTA.
• Di-panthenol.
• Polyglyceryl-3 distearate.
• Disodium oleamide MEA sulfosuccinate.
• Sodium metabisulfite.
• Saw palmetto extract.
• Methylisothiazolinone synthetic biocide and preservative.
• Hydroxypropyl guar.
• Fragrance dispersants.
• Polysorbate-20 surfactant and emulsifier.
• Ceramide-III and Ceramide IIIB.
• Isopropyl myristate.
• Cocamidopropyl betaine.
• Octinoxate endocrine disruptor.
• FD&C Blue #1.
• FD & C Yellow #5.

How Effective is the Old Style Toxin Rid Shampoo?

At this point, you may wonder how effective this product is. Well, the Old Style Toxin Rid shampoo is almost absolutely effective, especially if complemented with another shampoo known as “Zyndot Ultra Clean.” Don’t worry, I will talk about the second shampoo in a bit.

The effectiveness of the Old Style Toxin Rid shampoo is attributed to its well thought out combination of proven ingredients. Some ingredients are natural whereas others are synthetic. Don’t worry about the latter as they are approved by the FDA, which means they may not cause any serious side effects to the user.

This is a very reliable and trustworthy shampoo that works as advertised as backed by customer testimonials on the product page. Don’t take our word for it, go to the product page to see it for yourself.

Zyndot Ultra Clean Shampoo

Once you’ve exhausted your Toxin Rid shampoo, nearly all drug residues shall have disappeared from your hair. It’s now time to do the final cleanup before taking the actual drug test. This is where you want to use the Zyndot Ultra Clean shampoo on the morning of the day of your test.

This is a nice internal hair purifying treatment that removes chemical build-up, drugs, and other forms of impurities from within the hair shaft effectively. It’s a total deep-cleaning shampoo with purifying and hair conditioning effects like no other. It’s a one-time application product that comes in a small sachet with 1.6 oz.shampoo content. The procedure of using it is similar to that of using Toxin Rid shampoo.


• Water aqueous extract of Aloe vera.
• Sodium Laureth.
• Cocamidopropyl betaine.
• Sulfate sodium.
• DEAPanthenol tetrasodium.
• PCA cocamide.
• EDTA citric acid.
• DM hydantoin sodium.
• Thiosulfate methyl chloraisothiazolinone.
• Sodium chloride.
• Methylisothiazolinone.
• Fragrance.

2. Hair Confirm Express Hair Drug Testing Kit and How to Test Your Hair for Drugs with It

When it comes to conducting your own home drug test before taking the actual test, Hair Confirm Express is the product you want to use. You can use this or its sister; Hair Confirm for that matter(

The Hair Confirm brand of drug testing kits is associated with a company known as “Hair Confirm.” Their products are distributed by many brands with TestClear being one of them. The test kits work, using a proven laboratory hair analysis method. They are effective at detecting different drugs that the user may have taken within the last 90 days. These drugs include but are not limited to;

• Marijuana
• Cocaine
• Meth
• Ecstasy
• Opiates
• Phencyclidine

Each kit contains only the necessary tools to cut a small sample of your hair and mail it to a laboratory. Matter of fact, using a kit is all about obtaining and sending a tiny sample of your hair to the TestClear laboratory. The laboratory mailing address is provided in the kit.

Consequently, the company will release your results within 2 days online. Actually, you are required to register your test online before sending the sample to the lab. This requires your email address and a few other details, you’ll obtain from the kit.

Things You Should Know About The Hair Drug Test

While hopefully now you know enough about each of the above products, you may not know much about the hair drug test. If that’s correct, below is some fundamental knowledge about it in question and answer style.

i. The hair drug test can detect drug usage over what period?

Answer: 0-90 days. If you used a drug within the last 0 to ninety days, this test will detect that.

2. How long does the test take?

Answer: 48-72 hours. The whole process takes between two and three days.

3. What does the test entail?

Answer: This involves cutting a small sample of your hair, sending it to the laboratory, and the analysis of the sample at the lab.

4. Who conducts the test?

Answer: The hair drug test can be conducted by law enforcement agencies like the police and also private organizations like companies.

5. Will I get arrested when I fail the test?

Answer: The answer depends on the entity that’s conducting the test and the purpose for which it’s doing it. For example, if it’s the police conducting the test to prove before arresting you for drug usage, then you’ll definitely go in if you fail the test. However, it’s a private entity such as a company that’s carrying out the test as a way of vetting a suitable candidate for a job, then you’ll not be arrested if you are found to have used a drug. You’ll only lose the opportunity instead.

6. Can I beat the test if I have drugs in my body?

Answer: Yes, definitely! Use the methods and products described above properly may help you pass one.

7. Is there an age restriction for the test?

Answer: Yes, definitely! A hair drug test should only be taken by persons 18 years and above!

8. What drugs can a hair drug test detect?

Answer: The hair drug test is an effective way of detecting the usage of a wide range of drugs by someone. These drugs include but are not limited to; marijuana, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, opiates, and phencyclidine. Taking that into account, if you are facing a test and you know that you’ve used any drug over the last ninety days, chances are that you aren’t going to pass the test. That’s especially if you’ll not detoxify and rid your hair of the toxins of that drug.

9. Will I get anything after completing a drug test?

Answer: Yes, the law enforcement agencies and many organizations will issue a certificate, showing the results of the test.

10. Any side effects of the above shampoos?

Answer: The above hair purifying and deep treatment shampoos are made from FDA-approved natural and synthetic ingredients. That means they are safe and without potentially severe side effects. A mild side effect commonly reported is scalp itchiness.

11. Will the shampoos help promote hair growth?

Answer: Yes! One of the factors that hinder hair growth is the presence of toxins. Fortunately, these products will work to deeply cleanse and purify hair, getting rid of the impurities. That will definitely promote hair growth. It’s basic science.

12. Do these products guarantee results?

Answer: Let’s face it, no product will work for everyone. That’s just how it is. The good news, however, is that Toxin Rid shampoo, Zyndot shampoo, and the Hair Confirm line of drug test kits have proved to work for many users. That can be backed by the customer testimonials shared on the product pages. Therefore, if these products work for many, there are high chances that they will work for you too.

A hair drug test is so effective that it can be hard to pass if you have taken one drug or another over the last 0 to 90 days. For those who are facing a drug test as a way of determining their suitability for an opportunity, having used a drug over this period can mean a major disappointment. Fortunately, there’s a way in which you can pass the test regardless of your drug usage status. That is by using the methods and products above. With nothing more to add, good luck if you plan to use them to pass a hair drug test.