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Steel is a strong metal alloy with corrosion resistant properties. As such, it is the ideal material for making this unit. Thanks to the corrosion properties of the material, you and your family are protected.

Although the unit is compact in size, it is not Energy Star Qualified. Yes, it is powered by gas but the startup costs needed to vent the gas are high. The heater is not one of the most powerful out there but it works fine in a medium-sized home – 3 to 5 people.

If you are looking for a mid-sized water heater that works in warm and cold climates, this unit is a perfect choice. With a flow rate of 6.60, a heat exchanger and non-condensing technology, we recommend it to homeowners.

As Ecosmart’s most powerful tankless water heater, this unit is for a large single family. It has the capacity of delivering an endless supply of hot water even to multiple fixtures. This is true in cold climates. In warm climates, the heater can run up to four shower heads and a sink.

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