How great is bedroom sex?

Let’s put this question in context. We all know that a high quality loving relationship is vital to our mental and physical health. Studies show that a satisfying relationship enhances physical health as well as the mental health. Is loving your spouse/partner an obstacle to achieving a vibrant mental health reaching plasma levels? I certainly hope not!

What obstacles stand in the way of attaining a greater level of mental and physical health which leads to attaining and maintaining a vibrant fountain of health-filled Mind and body?

1)Unhealthy diet and nutrition (refined and processed foods such as fast foods, foods that contain preservatives and foods that are made to look natural such as fruit juices, foods containing added sugar and sweeteners, breading and frying foods…)

2)Overeating-not dealing with the hunger/satisfaction signal that efficiently tells your body that you are sufficiently fed and need no more food.

3)Lack of physical activity-not participating in an exercise program that will burn fat and build muscle to enhance your metabolism.

4)Skipping meals-planning meals 5-6 times a day with 3-5 hour intervals. Your body is designed to burn fat more efficiently, increase blood flow and improve digestion and nutrient absorption through the day.

5)Drinking a high carbohydrate drink with meal-especially carbohydrate with a high glycemic index (bad carbohydrates)-raises blood sugar, increases appetite and encourages overeating by driving insulin up. More energy = More fat.

6)Don’t do the same work over and over again and expect different results! One mistake leads to another and another. Avoid getting stuck and stuck in a rut.

7)Keep an eye on portion sizes. If you would eat a 20 oz. steak, how would you eat it? Would you eat it in a single sitting, would you spread it out during the day? If you’re trying to eat more of a specific food, do so in moderation.

8)Drinking beverages with high content of unwanted calories (soda, ice tea and alcohol) can add over 400 calories to your meal and further inhibits your ability to burn fat.

9)More muscle equals less fat! Strengthen your lean muscle mass, boost your metabolism to burn more calories and drop the weight.

10)Make regular physical activity a part of your lifestyle. Get up, move around, play with your children, meet neighbors, join a sports league, walk, swim or dance.

11)Losing weight can be a challenge to most, however if you stick to these principles you can achieve your goals of being healthier and happier.

The overall message is to do your research and try different diets and find the one that best works for you. Remember too you must assess your lifestyle and make the necessary changes.

There are two main things to consider when thinking about harnessing your inner vibration energy to give yourself great sex. First, what we already know scientifically: being in a loving relationship and taking care of yourself is a self-esteem booster. Not only does it strengthen our resistance to stress-filled activities, but it encourages us to approach sexual encounters with greater relaxation and self-esteem. In addition, loving yourself sexually could make it easier for you to stick to your weight loss program!

Secondly, to unleash the power of your inner mind/body connection to bring about pleasurable sexual experiences, it is important to practice letting yourself feel real pleasant sensation. Contrary to popular belief, sexual activities are not all about primarily focusing on pleasure; there are several ways to stimulate the sensual side of your brain.

Balancing the scientific mind-body connection through pleasurable sensations can be done easily while lying in bed with an empty stomach. Listening to soothing music, using bath consumable oils, allowing primal updates through echo sounds, light overdue simulate, stroking with a natural brush…all these natural yet potent techniques help you easily connect to your sensuality. A hand key tone massage with added caffeine could even help you do that!

Want to turn it up a notch? Try slipping a hypnosis CD into your CD player, if you are listening to one of the many CDs available on the market today. Get ready for hypnotic love-making!